Kodiak Chapter

Serving Gateway District

Chapter Review – December 2013

Kodiak Chapter has a done a great deal over the last couple of months. At our last meeting we did many fun activities. Some of the activities including but not limited to, turkey bowling, an over size game of Jenga, and eating a slice of pumpkin pie at the end of the meeting. Kodiak is enjoying our new ordeal members that have completed their ordeal at one of the four cony parties. Kodiak had many adult members join the kitchen staff at the Cony Parties. Kodiak also supplied members to help with Ceremonies during the cony party season, as well as Elangomats. Many members served as an elangomat many different Cony Parties. We are also looking forward to our Brotherhood candidates sealing their membership in the Order of the Arrow. Kodiak has also been involved with helping Spanish Peaks Scout Ranch rebuild after their camp was destroyed in the 2013 Wildfire season. Kodiak chapter hosted an amazing and taste-filled chapter banquet that was the highlight of November 16. At the banquet there will be a silent auction, entertainment, and great food. Kodiak elected their new leadership team as well. Kodiak is looking forward to more great meetings and lodge events.