Running Antelope Chapter

Serving Timberline District


Michael M.

Running Antelope Chapter Chief

Brotherhood Member of Running Antelope


Bill Reynolds

Running Antelope Chapter Adviser

Vigil Member of Running Antelope

Running Antelope Chapter Report – December 2013

Running Antelope Chapter has been up to many a thing in the last couple months. Our August Lego building competition, September Apples to Apples extravaganza, October Chapter Elections , and November marshmallow tower building, all a blast . Moreover, our 2014 chapter officers are Michael Mills – Chapter Chief, Rudy Reynolds-Vice Chief of Administration, Colton Spolmer-Vice Chief of Service and Activities, Cole White-Vice Chief of Communications and Promotions, and Jack Dale-Vice Chief of Inductions. Congratulations to all you for being elected. Also, we have Facebook and Twitter page, l i k e @ “ Running Antelope” and follow @ “RAChapter”. More likes make the statistics more interesting. Fun Fact, the highest traffic time for the page is 9-10pm on Fridays. Ultimately, this has been a great year for Running Antelope Chapter and we’re going to close the year out with a bowling party bonanza in the first week of December, and then do it all even better next year. See you there.