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Chapter Adviser – Spirit Eagle

David Boyd

Brotherhood Member of Spirit Eagle


Spirit Eagle Chapter Update

Youth in Attendance: 10
Adults in Attendance: 10
Reported by: Tanner Connely, Spirit Eagle Chapter Member

We ate pizza. Don’t remember anything else.

Spirit Eagle Chapter Report

Hey guys, Jacob Crooks here. Spirit Eagle is going great! We have a lot of active members at every meeting, and from a variety of troops too. At our meetings, we try to have the most fun possible while secretly training our members for Fall Fellowship 2014. We came in third for this last Fellowship, so we need to pick up the pace and start winning again! Spirit Eagle continues to have a great showing at each lodge event like LLD, and we’re promoting each event to get as many guys out there as we can. We are having a big change for Spirit Eagle for 2014: Our chapter adviser, Jeff Guard, is stepping down from his ten-year term (ever since we started as a chapter) and won’t be our adviser for 2014. We thank him for his wonderful service and leadership to the chapter and welcome Dr. David Boyd as our new adviser. In October, Spirit Eagle elected me, Jacob Crooks, as our 2014 chapter chief. I’m excited to run the chapter next year and hope to up the ante for everything we do. We have some solid goals that I think we can definitely achieve to make us better than we already are!