White Eagle Chapter

Serving Arapahoe District

 Castaneda Headshot

Chapter Adviser – White Eagle

David Castaneda

Brotherhood Member of White Eagle


White Eagle Chapter Update

Youth in Attendance: 10
Adults in Attendance: 3
Reported by: Jack Vasquez, White Eagle Chapter Chief

We started off by doing the flag ceremony for the district Roundtable. Then we discussed chapter business such as upcoming elections and Cub Scout Blue and Gold ceremonies. Then we had a ceremonies competition. For this, we divided into groups of three and practiced a scene of the Ordeal Ceremony. Then we performed the scenes. The adults judged and the winners got Kit-Kat bars. We did this to get people excited about joining a White Eagle ceremonies team.

White Eagle Chapter Report

Throughout the past few months, White Eagle Chapter has done some amazing things. In August our chapter went ice blocking to welcome in the new ordeal members. This was an unbelievable night that brought brotherhood to our chapter. In October we had the chapter elections, and Jack Vasquez was elected to be the 2014 Chapter Chief. He is going to be an amazing chief, and he has some really good vice chiefs who will help grow White Eagle chapter! Moving into November, our chapter had several members attend LLD. During LLD White Eagle bonded and became a stronger chapter as a whole. Overall, White Eagle Chapter is growing stronger as the months pass, leading to the ultimate holiday party on Thursday, December 5, 2013. See everyone at our first chapter meeting in January!!