Hi, if I haven’t had the privilege of meeting you yet, my name is Rudy Reynolds. I am proud to serve as the 2017 Lodge Chief. I would like to thank the people that helped my get to where I am today. My scoutmaster, Ross Williams, taught me basic scouting skills. I’d like to thank my father, Billy Reynolds, for signing me up for Cub Scouts in the 1st grade. He has guided me to success through his exceptional character, work ethic, and servant attitude. I’d like to thank the 2016 Lodge Officers, and I would like to thank all of my advisers. Thank you for your tremendous support. Jack Vasquez did an excellent job serving as the 2016 Lodge Chief. Because of his leadership, we obtained JTE Silver. We had over 11,000 service hours. I am proud to say Jack led us to one our most successful years in recent lodge history.

That being said, there are still some excellent opportunities in our grasp. In life, striving for excellence should always be the standard. Excellence in Tahosa Lodge can be defined by one standard, JTE Gold. It’s a very challenging standard to achieve, but it is absolutely possible. JTE Gold represents excellence in each aspect of the Order of the Arrow. Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service. We have seen the need, now it’s time to meet the challenge. To quote Teddy Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, and where you are.”

To give this quote an OA spin, I’ve adopted the 1979 NOAC theme, “See the need, meet the challenge.” The 1979 conference was held right here in Colorado. It was Founder Goodman’s final national conference. The Order has accomplished so much, and Tahosa Lodge can do the same. It can and will be a challenge, but I’m confident we can meet it.

To meet the challenge, we have separate goals to achieve. First, service to the council must be a priority. Thanks to Jack and others, we have the opportunity to accomplish three major council service projects. We have the GOAT book, or the Guide to Outdoor Adventures for Troops, our first project, which is a guide to camping in and around Colorado and the Denver Area. It could list campsites, reviews, possible activities, costs, and much more. It will provide troops with fresh camping ideas for scouts to participate in. To create the GOAT book, we need a subcommittee of dedicated lodge members to engage troops in acquiring the information needed. Our next service project is the PV Perimeter trail. The trail is an opportunity for the lodge to make a permanent contribution at Peaceful Valley and for our Council. The trail was started last year, and will be an ongoing project for many years to come. Essentially, a 14.5 mile trail is to be created around Peaceful Valley to be used for hiking, backpacking, and other activities. Our third major service project for 2017 is Cub-O-Ree. This September, the Lodge will take the lead to run a council level camping weekend for Cub Scouts to attend. This is an awesome opportunity for Cub Scouts to go camping, participate in awesome activities, and learn about Scouting and the outdoors. This will create excitement and interest for young scouts just as jamboree and NOAC does for older scouts.

We will better our communication with troops. We will begin with unit visitations that center around camp promotion as well as unit elections, teaching scouting and leadership skills, and promoting the Order of the Arrow. This will serve the council by promoting our main council camps, Tahosa, Peaceful Valley, and Colorado Adventure Point. Let’s face it, Tahosa isn’t a bunch of old advisers. It’s not the LEC. In fact, it’s you. Without you, we wouldn’t have a lodge. Hopefully, you see the need. Now, we can meet the challenge. Thank you.

Yours in Scouting, Rudy Reynolds