If you are like most Arrowmen, you find yourself looking for fellowship, service, and learning opportunities throughout the year. Spring for Tahosa is marked mostly by inductions efforts, while Fall offers the Fall Fellowship and Lodge Leadership Development day. You don’t have to fear… Section Conclave is almost here!

Conclave will take place on April 21-23, hosted by our neighbors to the west, Mic-O-Say Lodge. Here are the top five reasons to come to conclave:

  1. It’s in the mountains. Tahosa means “dwellers of the mountain-tops,” so it is only right to live up to the lodge name!
  2. Meet other Arrowmen. Have the time of your life with OA members from all over the state!
  3. Grow as a leader. Whether you want to be the next Allowat Sakima for the Brotherhood Ceremony, or the next Section Chief, Conclave is the place to get the trainings & hone your skills you need.
  4. Patches Yes, the most coveted currency in Scouting is traded at Conclave… bring your blanket!
  5. Fun! Last, but not least. Conclave is all about fellowship, fun activities and competitions, and cool shows.