Tahosa Lodge ceremonies aren’t what you might think they are. Some would say all we do is wander into the forest and perform a boring yet obligatory ceremony. THIS IS WRONG. Ceremonies is a place inside of the Order of the Arrow where our brothers have the chance to learn about the deeper meanings of the OA and the ceremonies which have been performed for over 100 years. There is a time commitment, yes, but the time put in is much less than the memories and life lessons that you get out of being a Ceremonies Team member. Each team has four principles and a drummer. The four principles are Allowat Sakima, the Mighty Chieftain; Meteu, the Wise Medicine Man; Kichkinet, the Friendly Guide; and lastly Nutiket, the Circle Guard. Each one of these principles has a very interesting part in both the Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremonies. The team has two practices a month. One practice at the chapter level which is planned by the Ceremonies Vice Chief of your chapter and one from the Lodge that is planned by the the Lodge Ceremonies Chairman. These practices are fun and they get some work done too! If you are interested in joining the Ceremonies Team you should talk to the Ceremonies Chairman of Tahosa Lodge or your Chapter Ceremonies Vice Chief. See you Soon!

Drew Pearson Ceremonies Chairman 2017

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