Are you interested in learning more about Native American Dancing, Singing and Regalia Craftwork? Are you looking to learn more in order to either join or help improve the Dance or Ceremonial Teams?

Then come join the Order of the Arrow June 6th-10th, 2017 at the Wachipi American Indian Seminar hosted at the beautiful Philmont Scout Ranch.

Wachipi is the Lakota word for dance, a gathering of people for fun and fellowship. That’s what Wachipi American Indian Seminar will be: Arrowmen from around the country will gather to celebrate, honor and learn about the Order of the Arrow’s rich history and tradition of the American Indian.

Both dancers and ceremonialists–youth and adult, with any level of experience–are welcome to attend and broaden their knowledge. Arrowmen will be fully immersed in American Indian activities from around the country, focusing on the Plains Indians. An emphasis will be put on craft and improving ceremonial and dance attire.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn from experts around the country about the different styles of American Indian dancing and singing. They will get to participate in American Indian craft workshops in bead, feather, wood, bone, and leather work and will be able to take their completed craft work projects home. There will also be classes on proper ceremony team regalia and powwows and an opportunity to learn about and experience American Indian foods. Guests will have the opportunity to be a part of the painting of an American Indian tipi. Additionally, Wachipi will provide a better understanding of the role that American Indian Lore fills in Scouting and the OA. During the week limited recreation opportunities will be available for guests to explore parts of beautiful Philmont Scout Ranch.

Youth and adults are invited to attend. Guests will be change agents for their lodges, coming back with an enhanced knowledge of how to appropriately engage in American Indian activities. Program highlights include beadwork, leather working, as well as the opportunity to create or improve guests’ outfits. During Wachipi, Arrowmen will have a plethora of activities to participate in including powwows and traditional American Indian games. Top staff are being recruited from around the nation to ensure that guests will receive top-notch instruction and instill a deep interest and respect for the American Indian arts that we hope will last a lifetime.

The Wachipi American Indian Seminar leadership would like to challenge every Arrowman in the nation to promote this event to their lodges. We are looking forward to you joining us at Philmont for an exciting week of fun and fellowship!

Attendance will be by individual registration rather than as lodge contingents. Registration is now open and the price will be $285.

For Tahosa Lodge, we are in the process of making arrangements for car-pooling for OA members who can’t drive down to Philmont Scout Ranch on their own for this great event!

Don’t miss out on the fun and what can be learned from this great event!