I remember as a Scout watching an Order of the Arrow Callout Ceremony and thinking to myself, “THIS is what Scouting is all about!!” The OA helped me see what Scouting was supposed to be. Servant Leadership, Brotherhood and cheerful service. It all made sense as soon as you put the focus on it that the Order of the Arrow does.  It  made everything I was learning and experiencing as a Scout a richer and more fulfilling experience because OA IS Scouting!

You want to live the Scout Oath and Law? Join the Order of the Arrow and serve with your Brothers, cheerfully!

You want to become a leader among leaders and always seek to serve through that leadership? Join the Order of the Arrow and become a Servant Leader with your Brothers.

I have been asked numerous times by other leaders, “why do you support Order of the Arrow? It’s just another payment each year, more patches I don’t need and another commitment that I don’t have time for. Why should I encourage my scouts to do something that just takes them away from their troop?”

My answer is always the same.

I ask, “What is our job as Scoutmasters (or leaders) of these young men?”

Usually the response is , “To guide them on the path to Eagle!”

“Wrong! Our job is to make them better in every aspect of their lives no matter where they come from or what they start with! We are here to guide these young men into Men of character and principles who serve others, follow the concepts and principles of the Scout Oath and Law and become Leaders in all they do!” There is always agreement on these points. “What program in Scouting focuses specifically on these traits and gives more opportunity for our scouts to achieve them? Order of the Arrow!”

In my day as a scout the Order of the Arrow was known as “Honor Scouts” and I took that very seriously. I held myself to a higher standard and worked hard to share that idea with my peers. We have a duty as Arrowmen to follow these guidelines, to provide guidance and leadership when needed, service and commitment to others and strength of character always in all things.

As I watch the current leadership of our Lodge I am filled with amazement at what these great young men are able to accomplish despite life’s competing priorities and always with a smile! It is just another testament to what this great Brotherhood of Scouting is all about. We may be “Honor Scouts”, but all that means is we Honor each other and Lord Baden Powell’s vision for Scouting by living the Scout Oath and Law every day.


Curtis Letson

Wood Badge W2-61-19-2

Scoutmaster, NYLT Week 1B

Scoutmaster, Troop 444

Ordeal Adviser, Tahosa Lodge