Hello fellow Arrowman, the White Buffalo Chapter has done a lot of cool things this month and there are more activities coming up. Earlier this month we had our chapter meeting where we pulled weeds to give back to our chartered organization. We also cleaned up some of their gardens area, were we pick up leaves, pine needles, and trash. It was a fun time and then we had pizza that the meeting. Also, earlier this month we had our Call Out Ceremony. We hosted it at Harvard Gulch Park in Denver. Everyone had a fun time at the ceremony. Our Ceremony team had worked hard to provide a nice ceremony for the newly elected. We also had one election this month. Next month we have one more election on the calendar. The White Buffalo Chapter had some members go to Conclave. Conclave was fun this year, it was held at Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM. This year Tahosa Lodge won the Bronze Moose for the third time in a row. Next year I would like to see more White Buffalo Members there. The White Buffalo will be having a Scout Show booth this year. Next month for the White Buffalo Chapter meeting we are doing a brotherhood trail talk. If you are not yet brotherhood, this is a good time to learn what has to be done for brotherhood. If you are already in the brotherhood this is a good time to teach others about brotherhood. I would like to see more of my members at the next chapter meeting. I also would like to see some of you at the Cony Parties this year. We could always need more help.

Thank You,

Trevor Lantz