Ordeal Weekend Information

The dates for the 2017 Ordeal Weekends are below - pick the one that works best for you and register. Questions e-mail help@tahosalodge.org
From our Lodge Chief


Dear Candidate,

Recently you were elected by members of your unit to become eligible for membership in the Order of the Arrow.  Your selection signifies that you live up to the Scout Oath and Law and that you are indeed an honored camper.  I offer you congratulations on behalf of your Chapter and Lodge.  However, before becoming a member you must first undergo an Ordeal to test your sincerity and worthiness. Below is some valuable information you should know. I look forward to greeting you and welcoming you into our honored Order! if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at LodgeChief@TahosaLodge.org

Rudy Reynolds
2017 Tahosa Lodge Chief


What is a Cony Party?

ConyIn Tahosa Lodge, we call our Ordeal Weekends or Induction Weekends “Cony Parties”. The mascot or “totem” of Tahosa Lodge is a Cony (also known as a pika, these tiny little mammals make their homes in the rocky crevices of the tundra, living at elevations of 11,000 feet or more. These charismatic inhabitants of the western mountain landscape are small, usually between 6-8 inches and weighing around 4-6 ounces) and we’re putting on a great weekend for you, thus the term “Cony Party” was born. Recently elected candidates must attend a Cony Party to complete their induction into our order.

Cost & Registration

Participant fees for the 2017 weekend are $45, which covers the 2016 OA dues, costs for the weekend (camping fees, food, insurance) and all of the new member materials (OA Sash, lodge pocket flap, OA pocket ribbon, and OA handbook). Walk-up registrations are not accepted.
If you missed the registration deadline or have any concerns or questions, please contact: help@tahosalodge.org

Health Form Information:
When you register, download the BSA Annual Health Form and the Over the Counter Medication Form. Make sure you bring these forms completed (with signatures) and a front and back copy of your family health insurance card with you and present at registration on Friday evening. There will be qualified first-aid staff at the Ordeal weekend.  This is a weekend campout so a Dr. signature and physical are not required. We keep the med forms on file for the year. PLEASE Do Not Bring your summercamp original health form as you won’t get it back.

Schedule for the Weekend

Schedule for the Weekend: Check in will be between 5p – 7p on Friday evening (at Peaceful Valley, check-in at Dobbins Headquarters; at Camp Tahosa, check-in at the dining hall). The Cony Party will end at approximately 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. Candidates should plan on being at the Cony Party until this time (unless religious obligations require otherwise). Make sure you eat before arriving, as no dinner or cracker barrel will be provided Friday night.

What do I need to bring?

WHAT TO BRING (All of this info is on a letter you can print)

Here is the list of what you will need for the weekend. There will be some hiking involved, so packing these items in a backpack is suggested. Arrive at camp Friday evening in your work clothes and a warm jacket with the following items:

  • Completed Health Form, OTC Med Form with parent signatures (for those under 18 years old) and a copy of family health insurance card
  • Backpack – with gear loaded*
  • *Sleeping bag (appropriate for weather)
  • *Pad (self-inflating or closed cell foam)
  • *Ground Cloth – tarp (at least 7’ x 9’)
  • *Canteen / Water bottle
  • Work Clothes (wear these to the event and be prepared to have them stained, painted on, etc.)
  • *Work Gloves (leather recommended)
  • *Clothes appropriate for the weather (both day and night) Be Prepared – It is Colorado and we have experienced all 4 seasons in a weekend!
  • *Hat
  • *Rain Gear
  • *Sun screen
  • *Personal grooming items (toothbrush, towel, soap, etc.)
  • *Flashlight
  • *Small notepad and pen
  • Daypack for use on Saturday – can be left in tent Friday evening.
  • Tent (for Saturday night) and a second ground cloth – tarp so you can set up your tent Friday night (if you want to share a tent with a friend that is fine)
  • Complete Class A uniform (MB Sash not necessary) can be left hanging in your tent. It will not be worn until Saturday dinner and then for Saturday evening activities.
  • Optional: money/credit or debit cards for lodge trading post purchases

What Not to Bring: electronic games, radios, watches, speakers, etc. We know you will have a cell phone – please be respectful and keep it off in your back pack – no music and headphone use.

Money: you don’t need any money for the weekend, but, the Tahosa Lodge trading post will be open on Saturday night if you are interested in purchasing any lodge items (patches, shirts, hats, etc.) for wear once you have joined the lodge.  Credit and Debit cards are also accepted




Emergency Contact Information

Who to Contact: In the event of a bona fide emergency that requires contact with a candidate during the Ordeal weekend, please use these contact points:

  • Rick Swank (Ordeal Adviser and onsite adult leader): 303-210-0709
  • Scott Field (Peaceful Valley Ranger and OA Associate Adviser): 720-841-6887
  • No Cell Service at Camp Tahosa – Marc Lyman (Camp Tahosa Ranger): 303-440-4040