Mindful of our traditions, Tahosa Lodge enters a second century of service!
Over fifty years ago Tahosa Arrowmen wore neckerchiefs with a member patch and honor level. Ordeal members began with a plan white neckerchief, Brotherhood members added a red stripe, and Vigil Honor members added a second stripe of blue. Examples of these past neckerchiefs are proudly displayed in the Museum at Scout Headquarters.
Tahosa returns to this tradition with an updated design for a new era.  Now all Ordeal and Brotherhood members are encouraged to wear a red-striped neckerchief in the pursuit of Brotherhood across Denver Area Council. Vigil Honor members can wear either the Lodge or Vigil Honor neckerchief as they wish.
Sashes are reserved for OA events or special occasions, but a neckerchief can now be worn anytime when in Scout field or activity uniform! Show your Arrowman spirit with this red and white Tahosa Lodge 383 Neckerchief as we make a difference in our troops.
Original Neckerchiefs
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Old Neckerchiefs