Ceremony Practice – March 4 2017



Come join the fun – be a part of the Tahosa Lodge 383 Ceremonies Team! Join us on March 4 from 2-5PM at the Hamilton Scout Headquarters!

  • Ceremonies teams begin at the Chapter level where you begin to learn scripts and rehearse with other ceremonialists.  Sometimes, Chapters are asked to participate in call-out ceremonies or cross-over ceremonies.
  • As a Lodge, ceremonialists from all Chapters come together to perform as one large team for Order of the Arrow Inductions (what you saw at your Cony Party).  Even if your Chapter doesn’t have a full team (4 Principals you saw portrayed), you can still participate in ceremonies with members from the other Chapters. We rehearse together as a Lodge to make sure everyone knows their part and we are prepared to perform for ceremonies a Cony Parties.
    What to wear?  Your Chapter has gear you can borrow for performances and we have some very talented folks that can help you make your own gear if you are interested.

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